Strengthen your communities

Value and empower your inner communities by building connections among their members


Foster interaction among colleagues of the same community

Inner communities are a great way to bring together employees, whatever their job or level in the hierarchy, and reinforce a sense of belonging, leading to more engaged employees.

Leverage RandomCoffee to create simple and effective connections between employees from the same communities!

Reinforce connections within existing communities

Employees who share the same status (interns, women) may encounter the same challenges, and may have useful insights to share with each other. Ease them through the process of providing and receiving aid.

Connect employees of the same profession

Connecting unacquainted employees of the same profession may help them discover the similarities and differences of their job in different business units or countries, and even project a career in other countries.

Encourage interchange across generations

Senior employees may have useful advice to offer to young professionals. Create a cross-generational community by facilitating the networking between members of various generations or seniority levels.

Unlock the full power of RandomCoffee

Custom matching rules

Use the information at your disposal (department, floor, hire date, etc.) to craft your own matching rules and generate relevant and targeted connections.

No installation required

RandomCoffee is a SaaS platform: simply log in from any browser and enjoy full control over your campaigns.

User management

Upload a CSV employees list, manage sign-up links, integrate with Microsoft Teams or your HRIS: get employees onboard in just a few clicks.

You want to launch more than one campaign to reach different goals ? Manage them in parallel directly from your admin space.
RandomCoffee comes with a detailed dashboard that lets you track the number of meetings, the activity per team, and the evolution of connections at your company.
Enjoy a successful launch with our provided launch kit. Communication materials, email templates, best practices: we will help you maximise adoption and make your project a success.

Strengthen your communities, today