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Redesign your corporate events

Make your corporate event a perfect mix of fun, learning and team building.

Make sure that employees and senior management participate in the event and meet new profiles.

How to foster new connections during
an event ?

Engage your employees in fun activities and let them meet new colleagues! Strengthen connections among colleagues who might not otherwise interact with new profiles.

Connect participants during the event and unleash the power of social networking.


Break the workplace ice

People are more engaged, connected, and energized when they celebrate big moments together. Whether team members are working remotely, in an office, or combining both.

RandomCoffee event is a great way to celebrate major milestones and look back on shared experience.

Built events for everyone

Organize corporate events and measure participation rate with your personal dashboard. Keep track on how your events are going and how people get to know one another so that everyone feels connected.

From ten to thousands of people, Randomcoffee will allow you to manage all your events to be efficient all year long.


They use randomcoffee for their events.