Everything you need to know about RandomCoffee!

What is a RandomCoffee?

A RandomCoffee is a meetup with someone from my company to get to know each other & share an informal moment together.

How it works

RandomCoffee periodically suggests you (by email) to meet a random coworker over coffee.
If you’re up to meet someone, great! Accept the invite, and you’ll receive an email a few days later with the contact info of someone in your company. Get in touch, have a coffee, and enjoy your time.
If you are too busy, or away from work, click “No”, or simply ignore the email: you won’t be matched this time.
It’s as easy as it sounds.

How am I matched with someone from my company?

The RandomCoffee admin in your company sets up rules beforehand, as simple as: “Match people from different teams” or “Match people from different offices”.
This way, chances are maximized that you are matched with someone you don’t know. We also take into account your history: we do our best so you don’t match all the time with the same type of people.

I will be the one setting up RandomCoffee in my company, what else should I know?

RandomCoffee can be further tweaked according to your goal. Send us an email to contact@random-coffee.com and we will see what we can do!