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Create the networking opportunity your team needs

People can easily lose sight of the multiplicity of clusters within the organization, without having the opportunity to socially interact with colleagues from different teams and functions.

Matching people accross divisions increases collaboration and gives the chance to everyone to (re)discover their work environment, share knowledge and insights around the organization's missions, objectives and values.

How to manage networking across different teams?

Because of multiple locations and remote work, it became more difficult to socially interact with new colleagues, especially if they experience a different work environnement, works within a different function and/or company vision.

Fostering interactions among employees who would have never had the chance to interact with a fellow coworker from another position and potentially working in a different office/location helps boost collaboration, adds more sense of belonging to the company and helps people be aligned and well informed.


Relevant connections through opportunities

Quickly identify the best matching rules, get your employees connected thanks to your programs, and optimize your time. What about matching people not only from different teams but also from different cities or different business units within the same site?

Regarding your context and organisation sturcutre, possibilities are numerous - using profile information you can easily choose your criteria to foster collaboration accross profiles.

ContrĂŽlez la valeur des connexions

Track the effectiveness, evolution, and key figures of your networking programs thanks to your personal dashboard.

Monitor the connections you have made within your teams or between different business units and take relative decisions based on your data. Finally, watch your best randomers connect and help them achieve their goals.


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