Paris Dauphine Incubator, which aims to promote Dauphine entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs.


Fostering interactions between different profiles within the incubator during informal and monthly events.


RandomCoffee connects different incubatees, students, and alumni of the Paris Dauphine incubator on a regular basis.





Interview with Camille Anglade, ex-Manager & House of Entrepreneurship Manager

1. In what context did you set up RandomCoffee at the Paris Dauphine incubator?

Several profiles cross paths at Paris Dauphine Incubator and share offices, but they are not always familiar with one another. As one of the incubator’s main purposes, we needed to foster synergies between incubatees (in particular, business synergies).

In spite of our efforts and encouragement, the incubatees were too busy with their daily lives and priorities to interact with others and exchange ideas. Following this observation, we realized we needed an external solution that would encourage healthy and sociable interactions among people on our premises.

RandomCoffee was subsequently deployed at the Paris Dauphine incubator to support exchanges between incubated entrepreneurs and graduates with various backgrounds, sectors, and experiences.

2. What has changed at the Paris Dauphine incubator since these meetings were set up?

The RandomCoffee implementation produced concrete results from the very first meeting between the people at Paris Dauphine.

RandomCoffee was set up to facilitate informal and punctual exchanges by organizing monthly breakfast events. Graduating students and aspiring entrepreneurs have benefited from this experience, enriching their daily interactions with others.

Furthermore, for example we even see an undergraduate student with a project in mind has been able to exchange ideas with an entrepreneur from the Alumni program who had established his company two years earlier. Participants were also able to interact with Alumni and with students where they could each share their own experiences. We’ve even seen alumni recruit students for internships following a meeting through RandomCoffee.

3. Can you tell us what this has brought you in concrete terms?

With RandomCoffee, we have been able to organize, add context, and spark interest in our existing workshops, such as our monthly events and our formal and informal business meetings.

Within the incubator, we developed a sense of belonging over time. We wanted the incubatees to feel that the experience was enriching through the people they met, and based on their positive feedback, we’re pretty sure that the experience will be memorable for them after they leave Paris Dauphine.

4. What would you say to a company that expressed the same needs as the incubator before starting the RandomCoffee experience?

RandomCoffee’s most significant advantage for an incubator like ours or any other professional ecosystem is that it optimizes interactions between people during the incubation period.

Connecting entrepreneurs is fundamental, but it isn’t always easy to organize this through events where people tend to surround themselves with their peers.

RandomCoffee enabled us to maximize the impact of the incubation period by bringing together completely different profiles in a short period of time. With recruitment every six months, we established more exchanges with the help of RandomCoffee, whose effects are still felt today. The bet paid off.