How Henkel breaks down silos between its three branches with RandomCoffee

2018 600+ 77% Beginning of the project Connections created Cross-departments meetings Interview with Yves Gautier, Director of Communication Henkel France   In what context did you set up RandomCoffee at Henkel? Henkel has three branches of activity (detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics, adhesives). Our desire is to create cross-branches interactions between the employees of our

How RandomCoffee fosters internal mobility at Allianz Global Investors

2018 250+ 99,2% Beginning of the project Participations Cross-departments meetings Interview with Thomas Caillot, Investors Relations   What is your role at Allianz GI France? I am currently in Institutional Investor Relations, after having been responsible for a team of 25 people within the Operations Department.   Can you tell us about your RandomCoffee experience?