🎁 Gift n°1

Christmas coffee program

Spread the Christmas spirit within the company by implementing this program so employees could meet to discuss holiday plans, share some gift ideas, or simply enjoy each other.

With this program, team members are matched to spend some time together talking about whatever they feel like sharing as we all know that Christmas is about spending time with our loved ones.

🎁 Gift n°2

The classic Secret Santa

Who doesn’t like to play Secret Santa? RandomCoffee developed its algorithm to help you create those matchings automatically with a few clicks only!

By organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange, you create a moment of togetherness and delight. Whenever there is a Secret Santa, there is always the anticipation of β€œwho will be my Secret Santa?” It is always fun to find out who it will be!

🎁 Gift n°3

Christmas challenge

What's Christmas without fun? Encourage participants to get to know their colleagues better at work by implementing this program.

Through this program, team members are matched together to play a game of "Who knows the other person better?" Employees will be matched and asked a couple of questions about their match. The winner will be the one with the most correct answers.

It would be fun to celebrate the winners on the last day before the holidays πŸ˜‰ to create this magical atmosphere.

🎁 Gift n°4

Christmas lunch or small party

Create and initiate the Christmas spirit at the office through this program to celebrate Christmas and the work done. With this initiative, you will arrange a small Christmas lunch or a small party at the office to add joy and happiness to the work atmosphere.

Each group of matched colleagues will plan a Christmas lunch to celebrate sometime before the holidays or decide to bring booze and some treats to have a mini Christmas party at the office. You could give them the freedom of choice (Lunch or Party).


Use RandomCoffee for more than christmas.