We can help to reconnect remotely


In this troubled period, lockdowns have been imposed in many countries to stop the epidemic of COVID-19. But the isolation that goes with confinement might become a burden for many of your employees.

At RandomCoffee, we specialise in connecting employees together. To help fight employee isolation & make sure no-one is left alone, we've worked on a specific offer to enable companies easily launch Virtual Coffees programs for their employees.

What is the Virtual Coffee?

The principle behind a Virtual Coffee is simple: at a regular frequency, you make your employees meet virtually for an informal moment of exchange and conviviality.

How does it work in practice?

A Virtual Coffee program consists in creating automatic & targeted introductions by email between colleagues so they can meet virtually for a chat on Skype, Zoom, Slack or Teams. You can also use our RandomCoffee bot: it is integrated to Slack.

Once you sign up, you can be up and running in just a few steps:

  • Upload your employee list onto the platform
  • Craft & customize the message for your employees
  • Set up simple matching rules to create connections that make sense for your context & your company (e.g.: “Same departments”)
  • Decide when and how often people should meet
  • Launch!

Our team of dedicated Customer Success Managers and Account Managers accompany you during the whole program to help you be live as soon as possible & improve the initiative along the way.

Once the campaign is launched, you can relax, you have nothing left to do 🙂

To make it even easier, we’ve worked on a Plug & Play version of RandomCoffee. Through our Slack integration, you have a full access to our unique matching algorithm.

How can I measure the success of the initiative?

To help you figure out the impact of your campaigns ;

  • we have integrated a dashboard to the RandomCoffee interface; it allows you to identify the trends in your company’s connexions at a glance.
  • we produce detailed reporting of results throughout the initiative; the figures will reveal if your goals have been reached and highlight room from improvement. How many employees participated to this session? Which departments are the most engaged?
  • we also analyze the employees’ opinions through surveys, and share with you what they say; the most accurate improvements will indeed come from your employees.

These analysis will allow your Account Manager and Customer Success Manager determine what are the best strategies for your campaigns to be the most optimal possible!


How can Virtual Coffees help you?

A Virtual Coffee is a very efficient way to make sure remote employees stay in touch and interact during this troubled period:

  • It helps fighting the remoteness and isolation that confinement causes
  • It promotes communication between employees who must learn how to efficiently work together from home
  • And last (but not least!), a Virtual Coffee is a nice way to have a break during this stressful period

Take some time, relax and enjoy a chat with a colleague!

Start connecting remotely