Better relationships for better work

RandomCoffee creates targeted connections between employees at work with a unique matching platform.

Connect your employees in one click

Breaking down silos at your company...mission impossible? Let us change your mind!
With RandomCoffee, connecting employees at scale has never been easier. Create automated employee-matching campaigns and generate hundreds of targeted introductions in a single click.

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Make the right connections between your employees

A meeting is great, but a meeting that makes sense is even better! Use our algorithm to define your own matching rules and goals. Hoping to provide new hires with a comprehensive look at your company? Or promote interactions between two specific departments? We can help!

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Measure the value of interactions

Thanks to RandomCoffee, you can now identify the dynamics behind the connections created. Our software provides you with insights on the value of interactions between employees. Dashboard, expert analyses, surveys...
Discover the true value of interactions at your company!

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Get the most out of our custom support

We specialize in connecting people together. Wondering how you should set up your campaign? We’re here to help!
Our team accompanies you every step of the way, from implementing the software to measuring the impact of your campaigns. Our greatest achievement is the success of our customers!

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Our solution caters to the needs of our customers

At RandomCoffee, we believe the best way to meet your needs is by considering your environment, challenges, and goals.

A combination of technology and expertise, our approach has won over companies throughout the world. We’ve succeeded in creating a tool for our clients that is based on connecting people together. They put their trust in us…how about you?


Our platform is secure

100% reliable and secure, RandomCoffee has earned the trust of some of the world’s biggest corporations. Developed in partnership with SAP and Facebook, our software complies with the GDPR and the specific security requirements of your company. For more information, please see our legal center.