Connection. Engagement.
Sense of belonging.

Create HR programs in 1 click that will open up your company and improve your company culture.

Choose your program

Browse through our program library designed to address the most common use-cases, and start connecting employees together with context.
Choose from 100% preset programs
Get ready-to-launch in 2 minutes
Find inspiration with proven email templates designed for HR teams
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Personalize your settings

Our platform allows complete program customization. Create ingenious meetings using variables such as: seniority, location, language, floor, business unit, interest, skills and many more!
Go 100% randomly or set your own matching rules
Choose participants, group size & participation method
Adjust sessions frequency & timing according to your needs
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Customize & brand emails

Use our super-intuitive email editor to give a personalized and corporate touch to your emails and improve your performance.
Add your logo, banners and images easily
Find the perfect tone for your emails
Use variables to make it unique for each employee
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Stay on top of the schedule

Plan sessions ahead of time, pause, and reschedule in 1 click to stay aligned with your company’s agenda. Always be in control, and never miss important milestones.
Pause & restart your programs anytime
Skip or reschedule planned sessions to adjust to holidays,
vacations, or company events.
Add a session at the last minute in 2 clicks
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Understand your impact

Reach your goals and improve your results session after session. With RandomCoffee's data-driven dashboard, measure your impact and improve participation rates over time.
Pilot all your programs in one centralized dashboard
Detailed, comprehensive programs exports
Identify top-users to boost retention
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Get more value from your tools

Connect your tools, connect your teams. RandomCoffee integrates in your everyday apps.
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Advanced features

Do more with RandomCoffee

Discover the powerful features of RandomCoffee to achieve your goals

SSO integration

Use your company standards to identify your employees

Multi-account administration

Manage your workspace & collaborate with your team

Employee preferences

Let employees tell who they would like to meet next

Invite links

Generate and share a link for new employees to join RandomCoffee

Facultative opt-in

Decide whether or not to request employee participation

Whitelisted domains

Restrict access to authenticated company email adresses

Conversation starters

Great ways to break the ice and spark a discussion!

Up to 10 people groups

Perfect for lunches, social programs or even corporate events

Userbase history

Keep control over your population history and new joiners

Custom sending domains

Send emails with your own adresses & aliases

2FA authentication

Add an extra layer of security on login for your employees


Automatically send reminders to people who didn't answer

Start taking coffees now.

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