How Henkel breaks down silos between its three branches with RandomCoffee

Yves Gauthier
Director of Communication

At Henkel France, the mission was first to strengthen the links between the 350 employees of different functions in the detergents and cleaning products departments. Subsequently, the RandomCoffee initiative spread within Henkel in France to create meetings between employees of different branches and functions across its entire Boulogne-Billancourt site.

In what context did you set up RandomCoffee at Henkel?

Henkel has three branches of activity (detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics, adhesives). Our desire is to create cross-branches interactions between the employees of our different branches and functions.

What has changed at Henkel since the setting up these meetings?

This has reinforced the various actions carried out, simple and with a touch of conviviality that makes a difference. The more digital tools progress, the more personal and direct contacts are required. RandomCoffee is a good tool for this, by combining the opportunities offered digital solutions and the proximity which is more than ever key.

If a company expressed the same needs as the yours before you start the RandomCoffee experience, what would you say to them?

To create a core team of pioneers with a group of motivated people from management in order to start the movement and give it visibility.

After the RandomCoffees, Henkel is our first partner to have wished to set up a Random After work. Why want to push the experience even further?

All simply because in classic corporate events, often participants only chat with colleagues they already know. And most of the time, always the same people attend to those.There is very little discovery. Random makes it possible to go beyond this usual habit of staying with people you already know.

Results at
Involved employees
Connections created
Cross-dept meetings

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