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Cultural transformation at Société Générale Assurance thanks to informal meetings among employees.

Audrey Puljate
Director of Innovation and New Models
Société Générale

Societe Generale Assurances is at the heart of the Societe Generale Group's development strategy, in synergy with all the retail banking, private banking and financial services businesses, in France and abroad. Societe Generale Assurances is also pursuing the opening up of its distribution model through the development of partnership agreements with players outside the Group.Relying on the expertise of its 3,000 employees, Societe Generale Assurances generates revenues of €11.4 billion in 2020, manages €126 billion in outstanding and 23 million policies.

Why did you decide to use RandomCoffee at Société Générale Assurances?

In addition to creating diversity within the teams, Société Générale Assurances used Random Coffee to facilitate communication and interaction between employees from different divisions: employees from different divisions met for the first time during a Random Coffee, and they no longer hesitate to contact each other regarding work matters.

It also helps to improve knowledge of the various business lines since employees discuss their respective activities over Random Coffee.

How did it impact your company culture while working remotely?

As a result of telecommuting, communication was more tightened since we only spoke to people we worked with directly. Having Random Coffee was like a breath of fresh air. We got to see colleagues again and exchange information (virtually) in an informal setting.

How did you engage employees around the initiative?

Société Générale Assurances' innovation community was the first to adopt the solution.

Since the solution has gained popularity with the innovation community, many other employees have joined too.

What has changed at Société Générale Assurances since the deployment of the RandomCoffee initiative?

With this tool, employees can meet and interact with each other informally within their departments. This is a key component of our cultural transformation

What was the most remarkable feedback you’ve received from the employees regarding RandomCoffee?

“For months and months, we worked in a separate open space. Despite passing each other sometimes in the corridors, we never spoke. What a crazy thing to say! We met thanks to Random Coffee!”

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