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Version 2.7


  • We revamped our knowledge center and made it more accessible with several links pointing to it in our comms and in-app!
  • Admins can now add their principal company logo in the app to automatically brand their emails and services pages
  • In the dashboard, at the chart level: admins can now filter the view by campaign
  • Admins can now export the detail of a single campaign
  • End users can temporarily withdraw (snooze) from the initiative from participation emails


  • Admins can now see mass-imports history of users in the coworkers section
  • Admins can now directly search for values when selecting categories
  • Admins can now directly filter on “N/A” values in coworkers table
  • Invite and Registration links format have been tokenized to improve security

Version 2.6


Say hello to the new campaign manager!

New inner interface : It’s now easier to manage your campaign settings & plan your rounds with a new calendar architecture.

Introducing calendar view : All the rounds are now visible in a calendar: you can edit, reschedule or cancel a specific round.

Real-time campaign stats : Get more control on your campaign lifecycle & follow the participation in real time.

Delete & Duplicate : Need to duplicate or delete a campaign? It’s now possible in only one click!


  • We refreshed the session accept and reject pages for a better experience and a nicer look
  • We made a bunch of minor security and performance upgrades to improve your overall experience

Version 2.5


  • Coworkers can give a new feedback when refusing a randomcoffee proposition: “I haven’t even been able to make my previous random coffee yet”
  • Admins can now preview a projection of opt-in & matching dates when planning a recurring campaign
  • Admins are now displayed on-top of the users table in the coworker section
  • Admins are now informed of the information that will be visible to users when creating a new campaign


  • We made multiple users selection easier in the coworkers table, admins can now select all coworkers and take mass actions on them
  • Hidden categories are now directly indicated on category cards and are removed from the instant matching user feature
  • Sessions history is now sorted from newest to oldest round in the dashboard section
  • We improved error notifications when trying to delete a category which is used in campaign matching rules
  • We clarified information on every cards and improved draggable cards UI understanding
  • We refreshed the instant match icebreaker email template for clearer information and smoother coworkers introduction
  • Admins are now displayed on-top of the users table in the coworker section
  • We improved the experience of inviting colleagues via email for users and simplified the entry of addresses values tokenization

Version 2.4


  • Admins can now set preferred instructions on remaining running events when trying to deactivate a campaign
  • Admins can now duplicate existing campaigns
  • Admins can now totally delete campaigns

Version 2.3


  • Admins can now visualize the participating audience for every campaign and its rounds
  • Admins are better notified over implications when trying to delete a category which is used in active matching rules
  • Users can now set their favorite languages over default workspace language
  • Admins can visualize inactive campaigns metrics in dashboard section
  • Users are now notified by email when trying to create an account that already exists


  • We redesigned participation landing pages for users and integrated a better feedback collecting system
  • We made timezone selection easier while creating or editing a campaign
  • We upgraded coworkers filtering & searching in users list for admins
  • We simplified emails dates & times management while creating/editing a campaign
  • Categories mapping options & new categories creation are optimized for admins while Importing .csv users list
  • Campaigns can now be sorted by status in overall campaigns list

Version 2.2


  • Say hello to instant matching V2! Users can now directly search for specific profiles and get connected with new coworkers instantly. Just simply set your criterias, we connect you to the right person and take care of the intro!
  • Say hello to in-app administration notifications! Admins are now notified when co-admins make changes on the workspace
  • Admins can now enjoy a bucket of tips like best practices and settings recommendations when creating a new campaign to get optimized results


  • We refreshed every wordings on the app in order clarify explanations and make global understanding easier
  • New added coworkers are now automatically included into corresponding running campaigns
  • For asking-participation campaigns, we now suggest a best-practice delay to admins for opt-in mails sending according to the match emails sending date
  • Admins can more easily distinguish visible from hidden categories thanks to redesigned cards
  • We simplified experience for users to invite coworkers to join the workspace and made it more accessible
  • We redesigned all our mail templates to give it a better look and understanding in order to provide a smoother email experience

Version 2.1


  • Say hello to the email editor! Admins can now totally customize their emails in a few clics and send send test emails
  • Campaigns can now be saved as draft to be later continued or launched
  • We implemented custom & interactive onboarding checklists with guided starting actions for users and admins in order to discover randomcoffee and handle features on first connection


  • We made the users list import experience clearer by adding a final recap including your import’s details and users updated status
  • Admins can now reschedule email sending dates for current round only in a campaign
  • We made global layout optimizations to improve app display and overall responsiveness
  • We redesigned our Help center to make it more clear and updated our Q&A in order to improve user support

Version 2.0.1


  • Admins can now initiate users password reset by sending them directly the reset password email
  • Users can now set a new type of preference: “I don’t want to meet meet these profiles”
  • Admins can now create a new sub-workspace directly from their administration menu


  • We simplified campaign creation experience by adding creation steps and better guiding explanations
  • We made the dashboard section more consistant by optimizing graph data display and adding new impact-metrics such as participation rate per campaign & categories, global people engagement, top-users people and much more!

Version 2.0

Say hello to RandomCoffee 2.0

Thanks to your precious feedback and driven by continuous improvement, we just got the tiger by the tail during this unprecedented period to develop your RandomCoffee 2.0 with fresh new look and features.

Now you an easily create campaigns powered by smart matching rules to help colleagues meet new people at work, and foster interactions and new connections in your company!

Instant Match

Want an intro to someone from Marketing but don’t know where to start? Enter your need, get instantly connected.

User preferences

Anyone can now have their own matching preferences, and be introduced to people they actually want to discover.

Admin dashboard & Top Randomers

A brand new overview of your campaigns, with long-time asked metrics to help you understand and improve performance.

At last, the list of top users! Easily find who are the top participants in just a click.

And there are many exciting features to come, stay tuned to see what’s next for RandomCoffee

New Slack Bot!

Lockdown update:

  • We launched a free RandomCoffee Slack integration and a discounted virtual coffees offer for remote companies in order to fight employee isolation during pandemy and make sure no one is left alone

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