Slack integration

People engagement boosted, directly in Slack.

Use our RandomCoffee Slack integration to bring the coffee experience directly into Slack.
Trusted by 1 000+ companies worldwide

Connect your people directly in Slack

Send your programs opt-in requests & matches directly into your existing Slack environment and get the most out of RandomCoffee for your employees.
Ask for participation directly in Slack
Push matches into looped conversations
Let people connect and chat directly from their intro
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Build from your community

RandomCoffee integrates natively to your existing Slack environment. Farewell to tech issues and long setups.
Define existing channels as audience for your programs...
... Or create dedicated channels for specific goals
Announce the launch of your programs in other channels

Start taking coffees now.

Join over 1,000+ teams already growing with RandomCoffee.