By the way, we're on Slack.

Use our RandomCoffee bot on Slack to automatically create matches every week between your employees.

Why use the Slack bot?

If you don’t need RandomCoffee advanced matching platform, but want a simple and plug & play solution to connect employees together, you’re in the right place! Use our Slack bot to:

  • Break silos within your company

  • Maintain the social link between employees

  • Share a friendly and informal moment with your colleagues

Great, how do I get started?



Add RandomCoffee to Slack, and use the /invite command to invite the RandomCoffee bot to the channel of your choice.



The matches will be automatically generated every Monday morning. If you want to launch RandomCoffee manually, use the command /random run in the channel where RandomCoffee is installed.


Share a coffee

Once matched, people connect directly on Slack and set up their RandomCoffee!


The final word

To anchor RandomCoffee as an informal and friendly ritual, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of tips:

  • Offer your employees several ways of getting in touch : Zoom, Skype, Google Meet are all privileged channels to meet in a virtual way!
  • Suggest discussion topics to help your people break the ice.
  • Encourage your employees to share photos of their coffee dates on your company's social networks.
Have fun ✌️

Start connecting now.