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Boost your existing communities

"Women in Tech", "intrapreneurs", "new parents", "external", "Alumni"...Communities thrive in companies.

With RandomCoffee, bring them to the next level by making it super easy for members of one community to meet with each other, connect with new members and develop their network!

RandomCoffee for communities

Leverage the power RandomCoffee's proprietary matching algorithm to create targeted connections within one community, taking into account departments, offices, or jobs.

Encourage discussions and exchanges by creating groups up to 10 people, and by adding custom conversation starters.


Programs that fit your communities

Run a dedicated program for each community, and use RandomCoffee's super-intuitive email editor to put forward their identity in your communications.

Understand your communities dynamics

With our detailed dashboard, see which communities are the most active, and identify those that need to be boosted.

Rely on custom experts reports and surveys to discover the true value of your communities' interactions!


They use RandomCoffee for their communities.