Give a fresh touch to your corporate events

Spice up your events and offsites by creating informal moments for people to connect and discuss.

Refresh your event experience

Corporate events are now an integral part of the employee experience, and in the context of hybrid and remote work, a lot of attention is put on their organization.

With RandomCoffee, make it easy for employees who don't often see each other to break the ice and connect!
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coworkers having a team lunch and talking together at work
people celebrating at work and having fun together

Break the ice with RandomCoffee

Use our super-intuitive email editor to give a personalized and touch to your emails and create communications that reflect the spirit of your event.

Include conversation starters to drive the discussion and make it relevant for the topic of the day!
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Create mixed and diversified groups

RandomCoffee is not limited to creating pairs of people - you can create groups up to 10 people!

Combined with our proprietary matching algorithm, you can create diversified groups based on complex constraints in just a few clicks.
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people having a team lunch
people having a talk around a table together

Successful events are measured events

With RandomCoffee, improve your events over time by analyzing the numbers and sending surveys to participants.

Our team of experts will be at your side to share insights and help you be on top of your employees' expectations.
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Customer stories

See RandomCoffee in real-life action

See how RandomCoffee supports you every step of the way to achieve your goals.


How Henkel breaks down silos between its three branches with RandomCoffee
Involved employees
Connections created
Cross-dept meetings
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The role RandomCoffee plays in supporting Freshworks Women’s 360 groups to leverage their careers
Involved departments
Cross-dept meetings
4 min read

Total GNL

How Total onboards new employees with RandomCoffee
Involved employees
Cross-dept meetings

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