Learning & mentoring

Meet new people, learn new things.

Use RandomCoffee to spread knowledge by connecting people together.

Spread the knowledge

Employees' learning curve not only depends not only on the power of your learning platform, but also on your ability to create the right connections between the right people.

That's where RandomCoffee comes in.
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two coworkers having a coffee chat at work
people in a meeting at work

Start to connect people and ideas

We often know little about other departments and jobs at our company - and in a new hybrid work environment, this will not improve.

Give your teams the opportunity to project themselves beyond their day-to-day jobs by connecting them with experts and experienced employees!
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The right intros between the right people

Leverage the power RandomCoffee's proprietary matching algorithm to create targeted connections based on seniority, experience or expertise.

Create as many learning and mentoring programs based on your needs and objectives.
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women having a random coffee and spending time together at work
people having a random coffee at office

Rely on key performance indicators

Drive your learning and mentoring programs to the next level with RandomCoffee's centralized dashboard.

Identify top performers and get feedback about the knowledge that is actually useful for your team to grow!
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Customer stories

See RandomCoffee in real-life action

See how RandomCoffee supports you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Paris Dauphine Incubator

How Paris Dauphine Incubator used RandomCoffee to break down silos and foster interactions
Connections generated
New meetings
4 min read

Total GNL

How Total onboards new employees with RandomCoffee
Involved employees
Cross-dept meetings
4 min read

Société Générale

Cultural transformation at Société Générale Assurance thanks to informal meetings among employees.
Deployed countries
Cross-dept meetings

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