Your People. Their Network.

Create targeted & automated connections among your employees across different departments,
seniority levels, offices and/or business units.

Create the networking opportunities your team needs

People can easily feel lost when faced with multiple clusters within the organisation, without the ability to interact socially with colleagues from different teams and functions.

Bringing together people from different divisions increases collaboration and gives everyone the opportunity to (re)discover their work environment, share knowledge and insights about the organization's missions, goals and values.
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people having fun during a random coffee break at office
two coworkers having a random coffee at work

Successfully manage networking between different teams

With multiple workplaces and remote work, it has become more difficult to interact socially with new colleagues, especially if they are familiar with a different work environnement, work in a different function and/or have a different view of the organisation.

Fostering interactions between employees who otherwise would never have the opportunity to connect with each other helps to boost collaboration, strengthens the sense of belonging to the company, and helps people be aligned and knowledgeable.
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Drive new opportunities with targeted connections

Leverage the power RandomCoffee's proprietary matching algorithm to create targeted connections depending on your goals, context and company's structure.

Our customizable algorithm enables you to design matching rules using any type of data at your disposal: teams, office location, expertise, seniority level etc. Make the most of it!
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two colleagues having an informal coffee break at work
two people having a coffee break at work

Understand the value of connecting people together

Track the effectiveness, progress, and key numbers of your networking programs thanks to your personal dashboard.

Make the right decisions by recognizing top performers and analyzing key insights about the connections made within your teams or between different business units.
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See RandomCoffee in real-life action

See how RandomCoffee supports you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Allianz Global Investors

How RandomCoffee fosters internal mobility at Allianz Global Investors
Connections created
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Cross-dept meetings


How Henkel breaks down silos between its three branches with RandomCoffee
Involved employees
Connections created
Cross-dept meetings
4 min read


The role RandomCoffee plays in supporting Freshworks Women’s 360 groups to leverage their careers
Involved departments
Cross-dept meetings

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