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Program goal

This program will match you every month with a different colleague to give you the chance to live in his place for one day! You will first receive an email to ask you if you would like to participate in this initiative. Once you participate, you will receive the matching email in a few days to inform you about the person you're gonna replace for one whole day! Interesting ha? This program is designed to help build empathy and understanding between employees of different departments. You will be paired with a colleague from another department and tasked with trying to understand their workday. You will be expected to perform their duties, attend any meetings, and shadow them as they go about their day.

Program setup

Groups of 2
Connections every 4 week(s)

Programs benefits

Improved Employee Well-Being by feeling more connected to the workspace.
Increased Job Satisfaction as they feel more valued & appreciated.
Enhanced Team Building as it improves team dynamics.
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