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Give new hires a complete overview from day one

One of the main challenges for Human Resources and management is to give new hires a great onboarding experience from day one to employees who have to fit in and deliver at the same time.

Getting to be connected and meet the right people across various departments and teams is an incredibly powerful way for new hires to quickly have a good overview of your company's mission and organisation.

Onboarding employees the right way

Make it easy for new hires to meet the right people, with the right profile, skills and seniority level to help them understand your company's culture and what is expected from them.

Connect new employees with internal promoters who will open doors and guide them through your company's culture and environment.


Smart connections, smart integration

Leverage the power RandomCoffee's proprietary matching algorithm to create targeted connections based on seniority and experience to match new hires with experienced employees.

Customise our algorithm to help new employees discover the various departments and teams, or choose to focus on one particular skill or job! You are in control of your employee onboarding journey.

Understand the impact of your onboarding programs

Track the effectiveness, progress, and key numbers of your onboarding programs in the dashboard. Dig into the data to really understand the value for your new hires.

Improve programs over time by working through the feedbacks and identify what works best!


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