RandomCoffee to

RandomCoffee to

Create your own matching rules

We’ve created an algorithm that lets you generate the most suitable connections between your employees.

Use the information at your disposal (department, floor, hire date, etc.) to define your campaign parameters and generate relevant and targeted connections.

Customize your message

With RandomCoffee, you get total control over the messages that are sent to your employees.

Incorporate elements from your brand guidelines, personalize your content in accordance with your objectives, choose the time and frequency of the emails, set the level of data privacy: customize the tool to meet your own specific needs.

Get insights on your impact

Our tool comes with a dashboard which allows you to track the effectiveness, evolution, and key figures of your campaigns.

We also ask your users to complete satisfaction surveys and interviews. This feedback lets you optimize future campaigns.


We’re with you every step of the way

A dedicated account manager accompanies you during every stage of your project to help you reach your goals.

Preparation & planning

Preparation & planning

We help you define and quantify your objectives. To meet these goals, we create a roadmap which we regularly update with you.

Content creation

Content creation

Together, we'll craft your message in accordance with your corporate identity and your objectives, and we'll help with the launch of your campaigns.

Keeping track of your objectives

Keeping track of your objectives

We'll be regularly in touch to measure the impact of your campaigns and identify ways to always improve and optimize them.


Our goal is to make your life easier

RandomCoffee helps you be more efficient & impactful when breaking down silos at your company

A simple and powerful solution

No installation required
RandomCoffee is a SaaS platform: simply log in from any browser and enjoy full control over your campaigns.
User management
Upload a CSV employees list, manage sign-up links, integrate with Microsoft Teams or your HRIS: get employees onboard in just a few clicks.
You want to launch more than one campaign to reach different goals ? Manage them in parallel directly from your admin space.
RandomCoffee comes with a detailed dashboard that lets you track the number of meetings, the activity per team, and the evolution of connections at your company.
Enjoy a successful launch with our provided launch kit. Communication materials, email templates, best practices: we will help you maximise adoption and make your project a success.