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Browse through our program library designed to address the most common use-cases, and start connecting employees together with context.

  • Choose from 100% preset programs
  • Get ready-to-launch in 2 minutes
  • Find inspiration with proven email templates designed for HR teams

Personalize your settings

Our platform allows you complete program customization. Create ingenious meetings using variables such as: seniority, location, language, floor, business unit, interest, skills and many more!

  • Go 100% randomly or set your own matching rules
  • Choose participants, group size & participation method
  • Adjust sessions frequency & timing according to your needs

Customize & brand emails

Use our super-intuitive email editor to give a personalized and corporate touch to your emails and improve your performance.

  • Add your logo, banners and images easily
  • Find the perfect tone for your emails
  • Use variables to make it unique for each employee

Stay on top of the schedule

Plan sessions ahead, pause and reschedule in 1 click to stay aligned with your company agenda. Always be in control, and never miss important milestones.

  • Pause & restart your programs anytime
  • Skip or reschedule planned sessions to adjust to holidays, vacations, or company events.
  • Add a session at the last minute in 2 clicks

Understand your impact

Reach your goals and improve your results session after session. With RandomCoffee's data-driven dashboard, measure your impact and improve participation rates over time.

  • Pilot all your programs in one centralized dashboard
  • Detailed, comprehensive programs exports
  • Identify top-users to boost retention

SSO integration

Use your company standards to identity your employees

Multiple admin accounts

Manage your workspace & collaborate with your team

Employee preferences

Let employees tell who they would like to meet next

Invite links

Generate and share a link for new employees to join RandomCoffee

Opt-in emails

Choose to request or not for employee participation

Whitelisted domains

Restrict access to authenticated company email adresses

Conversation starters

Great ways to break the ice and spark a discussion!

Up to 10 people groups

Perfect for lunchs & social programs

Userbase history

Keep control over your population history and new joiners

Sending domains

Send emails with your own adresses & aliases

2FA Authentication

Add an extra layer of security on login


Automatically send reminders to people who didn't answer

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